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Genesis 20:17 ESV, “Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelech, and also healed his wife and female slaves so that they bore children.

When Abraham prayed for King Abimelech, his wives were able to conceive, meanwhile Abraham’s wife was still childless.

Joseph experienced more than a decade of intense suffering. Even after interpreting dreams that freed the butler from prison, he himself was still incarcerated for two extra years.

The path of faith is a lonely path. No wonder many people do not follow it.

It is not necessarily true that God must do it first for you before He will do it for others through you.

I remember years ago while I was trying to gain admission into the university. I organized free tutorial classes with my experience from having written JAMB a couple of times. I remember spending an average of twelve hours studying daily and two hours teaching the younger ones. Finally when the results came out, my result was withheld while the kids I taught all passed excellently and gained admission into the university to study Medicine, Pharmacy or Engineering.

It can be very painful to have enough faith to heal others while you are suffering from the same sickness.

I once listened to a commentator and he said that “The popular ABBA music team sang many soul-touching songs that kept many of their fans together but they themselves could not stay together.”

Apostle Paul may have conducted many weddings though he himself was not married. Jesus taught about long life though he died at the age of 33. John preached about divine protection even though God appeared not to have protected his brother James who was killed by Herod.

Are you stuck on the lonely path of faith? Do you give people ideas and it works for them but won’t work of you? Do you pray for others to receive miracles and they do, but it appears that God keeps postponing yours? Don’t give up!

Abraham later carried his Isaac.
Joseph eventually sat on the throne.
Jesus later resurrected and is alive for ever more.
Believe me, God has the final say!

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