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The Easiest Thing in the World.

It’s so easy some treat it with a wishy-washy attitude. Some feel embarrassed to have to do it because it requires no real effort of theirs. They prefer it to be tasking or physically demanding—that human desire for self-accomplishment—so they can boast it was an effort of theirs. But it doesn’t require physical strength. Total amputees have been known to do it. The blind have done it. The deaf and dumb have done it. All forms of physically challenged persons have been known to do it.

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life.

Do you often pause to ponder what for humanity’s sake this entire life is about? Have you ever woken up some days and your life’s dreams, hustles, and everything that meant so much to you suddenly appeared utterly pointless so that you wondered what was worth it in the first place? Between life’s highs and lows, we need to maintain balance. This lack of this balance is responsible for the number of loose screws around us. If you check, there must be someone you know who is losing, or has lost their mind to some degree. They may seem and act okay, but they’re losing it. They’re losing their grip on life. The reason is because they have not done the easiest thing in the world, which is the most important thing in life.

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life; You Only Have To Do It Once.

If you were to write out your todo list in the order of which one you would prefer to do first, most of the time you would start off with the most important, most urgent, or most difficult tasks first. That is good judgement. Sometimes, easy tasks don’t even make the list. That is bad judgement. Often times, easy tasks don’t even get done at all if they made the list. Now, that is weird judgment. This is because when you do the easy tasks first, you build up the confidence to tackle the more difficult tasks. Now think about an easy task that you only need to do just once in your lifetime and it will give you perpetual confidence to see every difficult task as really simple for the rest of your life. Would you not give utmost priority to this task on your todo list? Who wouldn’t?

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life. You Only Have To Do It Once, and It Doesn’t Cost You Money.

I often smile inwardly when people express a contradiction to this divine truth. I keep quiet when they are poised to argue it out with thought systems like “Nothing good comes easy” or “quid pro quo”, the Latin translation for “something for something”. I become embarrassed when they quote Anonymous saying “Heaven helps those who help themselves” (convinced that they are quoting Scripture) and then throw in more misunderstood scriptural fuel to keep their arguments aflame. Why do we adopt thoughts systems that only numb our sense of both giving and receiving? Some of these belief systems are consciously crafted by Satan and his crowd to subtly instruct us to never do anything freely for other people, and also to never receive anything freely from anyone, especially from God. The best things in life are free! The rains, the sunlight, the cool morning breeze, the moonlight, true friendship, alms, genuine peace of mind, joyous ringing laughter of children, God’s protection, salvation and love; we receive these things for free. They don’t cost money! The greatest gift God have to humanity is His Son, Jesus Christ. In doing this He gave His Son over to take our place of condemnation. All the consequences of our sins were supposed to fall on our heads but we would not remain alive after going through the severe punishment for our severe wrong-doing. So God sent His Son to take our place of condemnation, bear the consequences and die in our place. But He did not leave His Son dead, He raised Him from the dead after three days and three nights as a way of renewing everything. God did it just as He had earlier (through His Prophets) said He would. This is both the greatest tragedy of all life and the greatest miracle of life. The best thing about what God did approximately 2,000 years ago was that He did not only apply this miracle to the generations of mankind alive at the time, no. God applied it to generations before that time and to generations after that time, which includes us. Again, we do not have to pay money to receive this free gift of deliverance from condemnation.


What is the easiest thing in the world? The easiest thing in the world is to make this sacrifice worth it. Now you know why God had to send Jesus to die for us, all you need to do is to accept that you will live your life in a manner that makes this sacrifice worth it by drawing nearer to God. The blood that Jesus, the Son of God, shed while being tortured for our sins is able to save us because it is payment for our redemption. By making that payment, God purchased us out of the market (slave house) of darkness into the kingdom (household) of His light. He has adopted us as His children. Once you decide to live your life in the way that will please God, the next steps you need to take are as easy as reciting the English alphabets:
  • Accept that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for your sins (that you are the sinner for whom he died, and that you are willing to change from sinful life).
  • Believe that you are saved from sin by the shedding of his blood on the cross He was crucified upon and that the blood He shed was the currency He used to redeem (purchase) you out of darkness into light; out of death into life everlasting.
  • Confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Saviour and your Lord. This means that now He has saved you, you are willing to do anything you commands you to do or not to do according to His Word (the Bible).
  • Decide that you will never go back to the lifestyle you used to have which kept you chained to darkness and death. Doing so would resemble crucifying Jesus afresh on the cross by your own hands. Decide to henceforth live your life and flourish the way He wants you to and let Him guide you through His Holy Spirit.
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