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It’s not tying your shoe laces, or picking your nose. It’s not reciting the alphabets, or counting sheep. It’s not day-dreaming; at least I’m sure you need a great deal of creative and imaginative effort to day-dream. So what is it?

The Easiest Thing in the World.

The easiest thing in the world is so easy that it is the least done thing in the world. It’s not even a shoe lace or nose-picking routine, yet, more people engage in far mundane daily activities than are than are doing this one easy thing.

Downright, it’s so easy that some people don’t believe it’s for real. Some regard is as wish-wash. Others think it’s too good to be true. Yet, some feel embarrassed to have to do it because it requires no real effort of theirs. They prefer to be doing something tasking, they like to sweat it—the human hunger for self-actualization. They like to sweat it so they can boast of an effort of theirs. They just don’t get why they should do something that won’t task their physical strength. But it’s so easy it doesn’t require physical strength. Total amputees have been known to do it. Blind people have done it. The deaf and dumb have done it. All forms of disabilities have been known to do it in several instances. So what are we really talking about?

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life.

Do you often pause once or twice or maybe more, to ponder what for humanity’s sake this entire life is about? Have you ever successfully answered that question? Have you had your head in the skies of life at one moment, and then are down-in-the-dumps the next, and wondered what happened in between? Have you ever wondered why you wake up some days and your life’s dreams, visions, pursuits, hustles, everything that ever meant anything to you, suddenly appears so utterly pointless that you actually wonder what was so worth it in the first place? Have you ever wondered if all your life’s endeavours will ever amount to anything, not just good, but memorable? In life’s highs and lows, we need to maintain our balance, and it is the lack of this balance that is responsible for the number for loose screws around us. Almost everyone knows someone who is losing, or has lost their mind to some degree. Why is this happening? Simple answer: they have not done the easiest thing in the world, which is the most important thing in life.

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life; You Only Have To Do It Once.

Yes, it’s that easy! If we were to write out our to-do list and scale them in order of chronology, 80% of the time, we would start off with the most important, or most urgent, or most difficult tasks first. That is sound judgement.

Sometimes, easy tasks don’t even make the list. That is bad judgement.

Often times, easy tasks don’t even get done at all, if they make the list. Now, that is weird judgment. For it is the more easy tasks we do, the more we build up confidence and oomph to tackle less easy or more difficult tasks. Now think about an easy task that you only need to do just once in your lifetime, and it will give you perpetual confidence and energy to make every difficult task seem simple for the rest of your life. Would you not give utmost priority to this task on your to-do list? Who wouldn’t?

The Easiest Thing in the World is the Most Important Thing in Life. You Only Have To Do It Once, and It Doesn’t Cost You Money.

One of my favourite belief systems holds tenaciously to the concept that the best things in life are for free. I often smile inwardly when folks of calibre subtly express a contradiction to this divine truth. I totally seal my lips when they are poised to argue it out with thought systems like “Nothing good comes easy” or “quid pro quo”, the Latin translation for “something for something”. I’m even more embarrassed when they quip rather subjectively, based on Bible verses, that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, and then throw in more misunderstood scriptural fuel to keep their arguments aflame. Why adopt thoughts systems that only numb our sense of giving? Some world-conceived belief systems are consciously crafted by the devil and his agents to subtly instruct us to never do anything freely for other people. That is exactly the devils modus operandi. In Igbo, it is called “wete isi bia were isi”, meaning, “bring a head for a head in return”. So we begin to do things for people only whom we are sure we can get back something from. Is that God’s way of doing things? If only folks will realize that it is very easy to misinterpret the spiritual meaning of the Bible, especially when interpreted from a physical standpoint. Wasn’t the devil quoting the Bible when he told Jesus to turn stones into bread?

In time past, I’ve toggled sides between both concepts, but at last, fair Christian judgment won. The best things in life are for free! No apologies! Picture this: if you sorted N100,000 to get a University admission, or to get a job, and another person got the same admission same year, same school and department as you; or got a job same company, same office and position as you, without paying a dime, who would you consider as receiving the best thing. The best things in life are for free. The rains, the sun, the cool morning breeze, the moonlight, true friendship, the love of parents, alms, genuine peace of mind, joyous laughter of children, God’s protection, salvation and love; we receive these things for free.

God sent His son Jesus to come to earth, live as man and among men, and to set man free from the consequences of living a sinful life by his death on the cross. God did this for the sake of man. The only thing it would take to wipe off the sin of man for eternity was an eternal sacrifice of blood. Remember that the priests of the Old Testament often performed sacrifices in the temple to first cleanse themselves of sin, then to cleanse God’s people and the land. These sacrifices were temporal for they had to perform them over and over again. Think of the sacrifices of Solomon, David, Aaron, Abraham, Jacob, Isaiah, Saul etc.; they were mostly meant for one form or cleaning of sins or another over and over again. This approach was insufficient for it was meant for only a group of people: the Israelites or the Jews. God had a plan to bring all the people of the world to Himself and save us from continuing this practice up till now, so He came up with an ultimate, divine, pure-blood, untainted and everlasting sacrifice that will forever cleanse the sins of man up to generations unborn. This is why He gave His son to die for us. He did this without receiving anything from man first, nor after. This is the best thing in life, and we received it for free.


What is the easiest thing in the world? The easiest thing in the world is to make this sacrifice worth it…simple.

Now you know why God had to send Jesus to die for us, all you need to do is to accept that you will live your life in a manner that makes this sacrifice worth it by drawing nearer to God. The blood of Jesus is still available to cleanse your sins. Once you decide to live your life in the way that will please God, the steps you need to take are easier than reciting the English alphabets:

  • Accept that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for your sins; that you are the sinner for whom he died, and are willing to change from sinful life.
  • Believe that you are saved from sin by the shedding of his blood on the cross of Calvary.
  • Confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and saviour.
  • Decide that you will never go back to living your life as you did before as that would only make you a dog that goes back to its vomit.

That’s all! You don’t even need to complete the alphabets all the way to Z!

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