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A wise man once said, “If you want to kill a man of vision, give him another vision.” Distraction is costly! Imagine driving down the road in a car and suddenly an insect (perhaps a housefly) starts buzzing around your face. Once you lose focus and start looking for the housefly to kill it, you are most definitely going to have an accident.

A story was told about enemies of Christians that came from a distant country to attack the Christians who live in a valley. When these enemies got to the mountaintop, they saw statues of St. Peter, Mary, Paul and others. In anger, they started shooting the statues, and before long the whole statues were in pieces and scattered on the ground. After successfully destroying the statues, they began to descend the valley to fight the Christians only then to realize that they have wasted all their bullets shooting the statues. As a result, the Christians, within minutes wiped them out.

LESSON: Learn to conserve your strength for the main battle. Don’t waste your energy, time and strength on battles that will not fetch you the result you need. Too many people fight just for the hell of it.

David asked “what will be giving to the man that will kill Goliath.” (1 Samuel 17:26). Only fools fight without having the reward in view. Imagine a man who fought, got wounded, killed his enemies and at the end he was given an earthworm for a reward! Battles must be selected. There are battles you dismiss with just a wave of your hand because it doesn’t worth it your time and effort. Remember, conserve your energy for the real battles of life!

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    My name is Sam M. I thank God for connecting us. Please keep me in your prayers. God bless!


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