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In this month of Perfect Soundness, expect the following:

Ezekiel 8:1
And it came to pass in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I sat in my house with the elders of Judah sitting before me, that the hand of the Lord God fell upon me there.

Expect unusual hand of God in your life, in your business, upon your family in Jesus Name.

Luke 1:26
Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth,…

Expect unusual visitation of angels.

2 Timothy 1:13
Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.

Expect Soundness of Faith.

Expect grace for soundness of love and patience.

Proverbs 14:30
A sound heart is life to the body,
But envy is rottenness to the bones.

Expect to operate in soundness of heart.

Proverbs 2:7
He stores up sound wisdom for the upright;
He is a shield to those who walk uprightly;

Proverbs 3:21
My son, let them not depart from your eyes—
Keep sound wisdom and discretion;

Expect to operate with sound wisdom.

Psalm 103:2-3
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget not all His benefits:
Who forgives all your iniquities,
Who heals all your diseases,

Proverbs 8:14
Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom;
I am understanding, I have strength.

These four things will guide you this month.

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