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Hurray! It’s a New Month!

The Month of September has been declared to be our:
Month of Answered Prayers

Our declaration for this month of September 2015 is taken from the following Scriptures:

  • Psalm 91:15
  • Daniel 9:21-23

There are 4 things that will happen when you call upon God this month:

  1. God will answer you
  2. God will be with you in your trouble. He will take sides with you.
  3. God will deliver you. He will make a way of escape for you from every tight corner you find yourself.
  4. God will honour you. Man’s honour is but for a while, but when God is set to honour you, He will keep men awake for your sake. God’s honour will promote you beyond reach. God will favour you in this month.

You have to be prayerful this month to even have a prayer that God can answer. Here are some things that prayer will do for you:

  1. Prayer will attract sanctification.
  2. Prayer brings about revelation.
  3. Prayer generates power. (James 5:16)
  4. Prayer brings solutions. (Philippians 1:19)
  5. Prayer will attract angels. (Luke 1:13, Daniel 9:21-23, Acts 10:2-3)
  6. Prayer will remove death sentence from my life. (Isaiah 38:5)As you go about your activities this month, “Pray without ceasing“!

We love you!
House of Kings and Priests (@HoKPChurch)

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