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I recently committed myself to writing. I can say that my love for writing has taken over even my love for my profession. This is after I had experienced a very long pause and a protracted writer’s block. I had sought several reasons to get back to it and had wrestled several excuses why I wasn’t doing it.

But of all the motivations I received, I found nothing else more motivating than when about four or five people I knew very closely published their first books. That was when I set a New Year’s goal to publish mine.

Another of my favourite motivations for writing is that it helps me control how I talk. You see, when you talk, like during conversations with people, debates over issues, or addressing an audience, your facial expression and your mechanical gestures directly hint at your personality and temperament type. So also does your intonation and diction. Now because you don’t record the things you said, you simply walk away not knowing exactly how people regarded your words or how they perceived your personality. O that some of the things we have said were played back to us, we would definitely refrain from using certain words, phrases or intonation forever!

When you write, you have the ally of time to ruminate over your words and to communicate them in a manner such that they are recorded on paper or electronic memory. As many times as possible, you can always return to read what you’ve written. Each time you re-read it, you will always find that there is some word or phrase or sentence which you could say differently to better express your intended meaning. You’ll always find that you might have sounded too brusque rather than gentle, dogmatic rather than diplomatic, sentimental rather than reasonable, or boastful rather than modest. You might even find cases of malapropism, or that you’ve innocently taken citations entirely out of context. Just imagine that those words had already been uttered to a listening crowd!

The more you write, the better able you are to polish your choice of words and the more aware you become of what you say and how you say them. The more also you will become sensitive to how people will react to what you are saying or have said, especially in this current age where almost everything you write (or say) online has a comment box beneath it.

Anybody who desires to be an artful communicator in this age must hone their writing skills. It is a sure way to perfect your ability to think about what you want to say before you say it. The more you write, the more you flex and tone your intellectual muscles and the faster you can come up with words during verbal conversations that communicate your thoughts distinctly. I noticed that when I stopped writing, my ability to express myself declined drastically, and so did my confidence. I literally wrestled with my brain to come up with words to say what I meant but there was nothing there. It became a life embarrassment. I soon discovered that this began to happen when I stopped writing, and of course, reading.

A friend once told me that I had a way with words. I knew he was being true and sincere, but it sounded like an undeserved compliment to me because it came at a time when I wasn’t doing enough. To me, he was commending my residual abilities, my fast disappearing gifts, not something that was in active development. It challenged me and made me realize that I could be awesome. It was another wake up call, another motivation to go back to my passion.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I understand that there are innumerable other people out there who have been through a very long pause and a protracted writer’s block like I have. People who have been in my shoes, or who have worn even tighter shoes. If you are one of them, you might also need, like I did, several kinds of motivations to go back to your passion. I’m writing this because I hope that this will be one of those motivations that will get you back to your roots. Yes, if you are blessed to write, then it is who you are. It is your heritage!

I have broken out of my self-inflicted jinx and have made some resolutions that will ensure I do not go back to those dark menopausal days of staleness and inactivity. I have proposed to write a book and to launch my personal website this year and I’m already on track. It is insanity to keep doing the same things over again and expect different outcomes. You will need sacrifice and discipline. Sacrifice some of your current time-consuming and less productive habits on the altar of your writing passion, and discipline yourself to be bound by the habit of continual writing.

I hope I have been able to give you a very good reason to write. If you have something to say, perhaps a motivation or an experience to share, go on, don’t be shy, kindly share it in the comment box below.

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