Hi there, you can now support Brand New Me financially? Send Money

We’ve integrated a feature on our website in response to members and followers who want an easier way to support the church radio program, Brand New Me, financially.

For many people it is a bit of a hassle to remember to go to the bank and make a deposit considering modern work/life schedules. To solve his problem remarkably, we thought one step ahead.

It is now possible to help keep Brand New Me on air but sending in your support via Credit/Debit Cards online payment irrespective of your location.

When you visit our website home page you’ll find the conspicuous button that launches the transaction interface. You can enter your name, email, amount and phone number (optional) to proceed.

Once you submit the form and validate your Credit/Debit Card details, you’re done. If you’re an internet savvy person, this won’t be a problem for you.

We have taken care of the security for your transactions. Immediately you start the payment process, your connection to our website will be encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) sha256 bits encryption algorithm. Additionally, the financial institution handling your contribution is one of the best in Africa.

We went through great lengths to ensure that the entire process is tested, trusted and high fidelity.

Together, let’s keep Brand New Me on air. Your contribution however small goes a long way.


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