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Brand New Me Empowerment Team is a purpose-driven group of individuals who are inspired by the common goal of transforming the lives of members of society at all strata, with specific interest toward young people of schooling age. The aim is to make available to them the resource pool, information, and network that would enable them attain the next level of self-fulfillment and actualization they dream for themselves.

The team also ensures the smooth running of the activities, outreaches, editorials and resource management that ensure that Brand New Me reaches the right people via every available channel whether print or digital media.

Our Value System

At the core of our drive and set of beliefs are the following tenets and guiding principles which steer us towards attaining our purpose.

  1. Love for God and Humanity
    Love is the greatest virtue and it is this love for God and His favourite creation that also drives us to do the selfless service we render and to contribute our quota in making a difference.
  2. Integrity
    With all honesty and singleness of purpose, all our work is carried out in a transparent manner to prove the trustworthiness of motives.
  3. Excellence And Growth
    By pursuing excellence, success follows in tandem, and with repeated success comes growth. We strive to do all our work with a touch of excellence and this helps us grow from strength to strength.
  4. Discipline and dedication
    We believe that everything worth doing is worth doing well. We approach all our work with a mindset of doing it right and in the best way possible. Which is also the morally accepted way? We also inculcate this morale of discipline and dedication to one’s duty to all our audience through all our lectures and seminars.
  5. The welfare of one another
    A team is bigger than any individual member of the team and as such, we look out one for another with the same care and focus with which we look out for the actualization of our team purpose.

Our Activities

We organize periodic Empowerment Seminars in schools; we take time to speak to young people on topics like:

  1. Secrets of Academic Excellence
  2. Discovering Your Purpose in Life
  3. Maximizing Your God-given Potential
  4. Overcoming Cultism and Drug Abuse
  5. Sanctified Sexuality & Relationship
  6. Planning & Strategizing for the Future
  7. Time Management
  8. Crisis Management
  9. Wealth Creation & Financial Intelligence
  10. Spiritual Upliftment