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Time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them. Many people have defined time. It means many things to many people. However there are some men of God whose definitions are all embracing. Benny Hinn said “time is a crack in eternity” . Can you imagine a very big ring that is cracked at one side? From one point of the crack to another represents time, while the rest of the ring represent eternity. Before creation there was no time, all we had was eternity: a timeless and an endless life! When this present world will end according to the word of God in Matthew 24:14, the era of time will equally be over.

Myles Munroe said “God created time but does not live inside time” . This means that time is made for man. You cannot squeeze God into time. Once you are born, you log into time and you will log out the day you die. Rick Warren said “the average life span of every human being is 25,550 days” . The ultimate benefit of time management is to optimize how you spend your time in order to make most of your life here on earth.

None of us discussed with God before He created us and God is not obliged to discuss with us before He takes us out of this world. We can only but maximize our time. To maximize our time is to maximize our life because life is synonymous to time. When my father-in-law died and was buried. His obituary read:

Pa J.B. Oko (1928-2009)

The first date records his entrance into time and the second date his exit out of time. Borrowing from Bishop T. D. Jakes, the children he raised, the education he attained, the goals he had reached, the people he motivated are all encapsulated by one hyphen between two dates. All his political ambitions, all the love he gave and received is now a simple dash between two dates. Life always ends as a dash between two dates. Our goal on earth is to maximize this dash. When we finish our assignment on earth and die, our life will be measured by the time we spent on earth. You are your time and your time is you. Time is so important that it is used to measure life. Life is time and time is life. People don’t just waste their time, they waste their life.

Time is given to us for a purpose. The purpose of time is for the fulfillment of our purpose on earth. Time is one of the greatest treasures that God has giving to man. It is a currency with which we trade here on earth. Once your time is up, the market is over for you. You can’t keep on trading when your money has finished. Once your time is up, that becomes your exit from the earth. From Adam to Atom, time is what makes this life on earth significant.

Time is what makes everyone of us equal. Our point of equality is time. We all may not have the same DNA, fingerprint or iris. Our melanin or keratin cells may be different, no wonder we have different skin texture and color. But the greatest truth is that time is what makes everyone of us equal. Whether you are tall or short, rich or poor, educated or illiterate; beautiful or ugly, strong or weak, influential or insignificant, we all have 24 hours a day. President Barack Obama, the current President of the United States of America does not have 25 hours a day. Likewise, a poor okada rider using a motorbike to transport people from point to point does not have 23 hours a day. Everybody has 24 hours a day. Time makes us equal. You and I are equal because we all have the same amount of time daily.

Interestingly it is not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes the difference. It is not if you have 24 hours daily, but what you do with your 24 hours. What differentiates people in life is how they use their time on earth. While some people are using their time positively, others are wasting theirs. While the rich invest their time, the poor waste their time. Many poor people don’t have value for their time. However one of the characteristics of every rich man is that he doesn’t joke with his time. Champions are good time managers. They spend their time on quality issues.

In the book of Matthew 25:14-28 , Jesus told a parable of servants that received talents from their master. Almost immediately their master left, all of them became busy. Two were busy investing their talents while one was busy digging a hole to hide his talent. It was when the master returned that every man’s work was revealed. The same thing is applicable to time. Some are investing their time; others are wasting their time and consequently, their life.

I visited a friend not long ago. As I was driving into his compound, his 73 years old gate-man who is about the age of my father, asked me to give him twenty naira for his breakfast. I did. However, I pondered what this man was doing when he was my age. I secretly reminded myself that I must make most of my youth days so that at the age of this gate-man I will not need to beg for twenty naira from a passerby just to to take breakfast.

Among all the resources that God has given to man, time is the only one that you cannot save. To avoid spoilage many people safe their fruits in the refrigerator. Many save money in the bank for future use. Nobody however has devised a means to save time. No science and technology has developed a machine for people to use and store time. We can only take care of today so that it will take care of our tomorrow. Time is rolling. In fact, time can never stop for anybody. The sun stood still for Joshua but time was still moving. There is no calamity in life that can make time to stop. Tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Asian continent, suicide bombers killed thousand at world Trade Center, New York city; an earthquake destroyed lives and properties in Haiti, yet time did not stop. Time does not wait for anybody. Time is constantly moving. Once today has come, there will never be another today in this world again. By 31st of December this year will be gone, there will never be another 2013 in this world again.

We shall give account of how we spent our time on earth. Life is like a bank, you can only withdraw from the bank of time what you initially deposited. Jesus said “the thief has come to steal, kill and to destroy…” (John 10:10), I believe that one of the things he (the devil) has came to steal is our time. Many people have time but they don’t know what to do with it. It is not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes the difference.

You become what you spend your time doing. If you spend time in Medical school and you will end up as Medical Doctor. Similarly if you spend time in the Engineering school, you will end up as Engineer. Our time shapes us. Wherever you spend your time, you smell of that place. Spend time in the laboratory, you will smell of chemicals. Spend time in the bakery, you will of smell bread. Spend time in the toilet, you will smell of shit my good friend! Spend time in God presence, you will smell of God’s glory! Moses spent time with God at the burning bush and he became a God to pharaoh (Exo 3:2-4, 7:1). Wherever we spend time, we receive something. This is the secret of incubation. When a hen sits on her eggs, she releases life into the eggs. Apostle Paul said:

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18

We are our time. Anything you give time to, you give life to. Conversely anything you don’t give time to, you loose. Any man that does not give his time to his children will inevitably lose his children. Any marriage where the partners give more time to their work and business than they give to themselves will surely end up in a divorce. Time is life. The easiest way to kill something is to stop giving it time. This principle can also help you in killing things you prefer not to have in your life. Any relationship that you stop giving your time will naturally die the same way a fire dies when you stop feeding it with wood. If you don’t give time to your spiritual life, you will die spiritually.

I was told of a man of God, who can fast and pray for months. He can stay in one place and pray and groan in the spirit for two months without taking his bath or brushing his teeth. Slowly but surely his health deteriorated. Micro-organisms redesigned his teeth and gave it a greenish brown color. The odour exuding from the prayer warrior’s body was so terrible that even demons probably ran from the stench! The man died. He died because he did not give time to his hygiene and health.

The ability to manage time is a quality everyone must endeavour to acquire for even God, the creator of the universe and all it encompasses, is a time manager.

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