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I once met a white lady on an air flight to an European country and during our conversation, she told me her nationality and state of origin. She sought to know where I come from. The following dialogue ensued:

Woman: Where do you come from?

Me: I come from Ebonyi State in Nigeria.

Woman: I’ve never heard of that place.

Me: Neither have I heard of your place.

Woman: But my place is on the map. Yours is not! (Pointing to the map she was holding)

Me: Well, I didn’t draw that map. If I did, my place will be on that map, and yours will not.

Woman: (She looked at me so surprisingly and said,) You sure are a proud African, aren’t you?

Me: I’m proud of where I come from.

About Dr. Wilberforce Oti

He is the Founder & Senior Pastor of House of Kings & Priests. He teaches practical ways the contemporary Christian can apply the Word of God to stay victorious in today's world. He's also the pioneer of Brand New Me: a weekly radio programme that airs on Unity FM, Abakaliki and thousands tune in regularly to listen to his life-transforming messages.

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  1. Festus wrote:

    keep on with the good work.God will see u through.


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