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Activity is not equal to productivity. You can be very busy without being effective. You can be active without being productive. Life does not reward busyness, it rewards effectiveness. You cannot effectively manage your time if you don’t understand your purpose in life. Everyone of us must have a cause in life which is worth living or dying for. Myles Munroe is quoted as saying, “the greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose”. There are many people that live aimlessly, without a purpose. They are just stumbling towards an uncertain future.

God is a God of purpose. Everything He created has a purpose. The warts you have in your ear have the purpose of screening off dust particles from entering into your inner ears. A closer look at human anatomy reveals that everything has a purpose. Every manufacturer has a purpose for his product before he makes the product. God is the greatest manufacturer. He made you for a purpose. However, when a purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Abuse simply means abnormal use.

If you don’t know a purpose of a thing, you will likely abuse it. Today many countries of the world have enacted laws against cocaine trade. In some countries cocaine dealers face strict capital punishment when they are caught. At one time, I thought that Satan created cocaine. But as I grew up I discovered that God created cocaine, Indian hemp, marijuana etc. It was during my undergraduate years, when I studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry, that I was taught that cocaine is one of the best anesthetics drugs in the world. Many young people use cocaine for a wrong reason. That is why we call it drug abuse .

Similarly, many people do not understand the purpose of sex, hence, they indulge in premarital sex, extramarital sex, masturbation, lesbianism etc. Consequently, the statistics of HIV/AIDS, divorce, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and so on, is increasing at an alarming rate. Too many people know what they are running from but not where they are running to. Life without a purpose is an experiment and life is too short for experimentation. A man with a purpose will accomplish much more than a man with money. God has a purpose for you. You may be a biological accident but you are not a divine accident. Bishop T.D. Jakes is quoted as saying, “we don’t have illegitimate children, what we have is illegitimate parents” . Many children are unplanned by their parents but they are not unplanned by God. God never makes a mistake. He has a reason for everything he has created.

One of the most amazing stories of God, being a purposeful being, is found in the life of Solomon. The second book of Samuel, in chapter eleven, the story is told of how King David committed adultery with Bathsheba. Apparently both were devastated when the consequences of their sins began to manifest. Bathsheba lost her husband. David was told that what he did in secret, his sons will do to him in the open. Worst still, the child that came through the union was judged by God and it died. Another son came and he was named Solomon. In the physical, someone may attempt to say that Solomon is a colossal mistake. David had many sons before Solomon was born yet God chose the son of an adulterer to be the next king of Israel. Interestingly, the same King Solomon was used by God to author three books of the bible: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon . Did God have a plan for Solomon? You bet he did! God’s purpose takes into account human error and even sin.

The discovery of your purpose is the best thing that can happen to you in life. Without a deep sense of purpose you can never effectively manage your time.

Rick Warren puts it way:

“Without clear purpose, you have no foundation on which to base decisions, allocate your time, and use your resources, without purpose you may tend to make choices based on circumstances, pressure and your mood at that moment”.

Time managers are extremely conscious that any time lost can never be recovered. Their decisions are always based on where they are going to in life. Most people decide based on their present condition rather than on their inner convictions. T.D. Jakes advised, “don’t take a permanent decision based on temporary situations.” Your decision, in fact, all your decisions should be based on your purpose in life. The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your convictions. What a foundation is to a house, your convictions are to your life. How tall a building will rise determines how deep the foundation will sink. Don’t swim in shallow waters if you are a big fish. Swim with the sharks!

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Dr. Wilberforce Oti
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He is the Founder & Senior Pastor of House of Kings & Priests. He teaches practical ways the contemporary Christian can apply the Word of God to stay victorious in today's world. He's also the pioneer of Brand New Me: a weekly radio programme that airs on Unity FM, Abakaliki and thousands tune in regularly to listen to his life-transforming messages.

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    Chidi Amakwe wrote:

    Pastor Wil, your article is consistent with what I’ve heard you preach over the years. Thank you for creating this platform to give hope to this generation that is bedeviled with so many uncertainties.


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    Enwongo Ettang wrote:

    Quite an interesting and insightful post which gives value. I like!


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    okoye Gloria wrote:

    thank you very much sir.. Am really happy and more motivated to strive for my rightful purpose in life after reading your wonderful post. God bless you sir i need your prayers. Thank


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    oredu miracle wrote:

    Thank u man of God for this thought-provoking message


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    Benjamin Okorie Onyekachi wrote:

    You are a sensational preacher. God prepared for this generation to impact consciousness of our purpose in life I know God has through you revived many dying destinies and lost purposes. More grace upon your life and ministry.


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    CHRISTIANA wrote:



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    TSA wrote:

    Discovering or understanding my purpose has become a quest which I’ve for many years set to find out but, my worry lies in the fact that I’m still yet to do that…does it mean, not everybody can understand or discover God’s purpose???


  8. Avatar

    Minister Odhe Festus Efeoghene wrote:

    This is a masterpiece, The Apostolic Grace is effectively manifesting in your life. Sir I hope to connect with you. I am glad to see this work. More grace.


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