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In every higher institution, departments are accredited as a way of approving that they have what it takes to produce a competent graduate in that accredited field. Any department that is not accredited finds it difficult to operate honourably or boldly because they have not been fully recognized as part of the institution; and even the students in the department have a very slim hope of graduating with an authentic certificate.

This analogy applies to someone who claims to be a believer but has no recognition in the kingdom of God. You may ask, “Is it possible?” Of course, it is possible. Being born again is only a step in starting a new relationship with God and if you end up in this one step, it can be very dangerous to your eternity.

Unaccredited believers are Christians who go to the church, belong to several units or departments in the church, have a good relationship with their ministers and other brethren but have no personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Their presence is not registered in the family and friends group of the Holy Spirit. Anything goes for them and they have no personal convictions on the mind of God concerning them, they only want to receive prophesies and word of knowledge from the man of God and that is enough for them. They are the opposite of the Berean Christians who after hearing the Word of God, went back and searched through the scriptures to confirm if what they heard conforms to the Word of God.

Indeed, very few believers have been accredited. Accreditation in this context means to be enlisted as a soldier of Christ.

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” (2 Timothy 3 – 4)

It is not easy for one to be enlisted as a soldier in the army of God. It entails determination, commitment, passion, zeal and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is not for chicken-hearted Christians who can’t stand the wind of temptation and affliction – they only cling to God when they need His help, but soldiers of the cross are the eagle Christians who soar higher when the wind of persecution is fierce, who neither retreat nor surrender; their mind is made up for God and they can boldly confront the devil because their voices are recognized in the Spirit realm. They are ready to give up anything for the sake of their relationships with God. They are not carried away by every wind of doctrine but test every spirit and are obedient to the Spirit of God. They also network with other believers to carry out kingdom mandates.

Every accredited believer dwells in the secret place of God and the Holy Spirit rubs off himself on them. They don’t remain natural men and women but supernatural beings.

Are you a believer? Have you been accredited by God through His Spirit as a full member of His Kingdom? Do you have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit? All these tips can help you become one today, just give the Holy Spirit a chance to lead you as you dwell in His presence.

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