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What is your church headquarter branch located?
The location of the church headquarter branch is at 8b Obodo-Ukwu Street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. You can view the map on our contact page for a visual.
How can I find a branch of your church nearest to me?
Click the following link to find complete information about our church branches.
What are your days of activities?
Click here to view our weekly activities
How can I get audio messages preached by your Senior Pastor?
There are two major ways you can get messages that have been preached by our Senior Pastor:

  1. By downloading: If you are not in town or are unable to come to church, you can visit the podcasts section of our website to see what messages you can freely download and listen to. However, note that you may not find exactly the messages you may want to download as that resource is only updated from time to time.
  2. By visiting the church: When you visit our church you can request from any member of our K-Media team to get CD copies of our Senior Pastor’s messages. You can also have these messages copied to your mobile device (if you do not have a CD player or car stereo) so that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere.
What are the core beliefs and visions of your church?
Click the following links to find information about what we believe and our vision.
Is it possible to follow your church Sunday services live?
We do not currently stream our church services live. However that feature is currently in the works.
Who can be a member of your church?
Basically, any Christian. That ranges from one who has just confessed Christ and accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, to Christians who have long been disciples of our Lord Jesus.
Additionally, our desire is that every unbeliever who comes to our church will have an encounter with Jesus that will change their lives. We also desire that anyone who has tasted of God’s glory and who has started out on the path to follow Jesus till the end will through a teachable spirit learn the ways of the Lord and become more like Jesus the more they come to church and learn the Word of God.
I hear you have Home Cell Centres. How do I find one closest to me?
Click on the following link to view our various home cell centres and pick the one closes to you to attend every Thursday at 5:00pm.
What service units/groups exist in your church?
We have the Children’s, the Youth, the Unique Women and the Mighty Men wings which comprise and accommodate concerns for children and under-17s, the singles, the married women and the married men respectively.

Click the following link to learn more about our service units/departments.